MSMEs Receive Technology Transfer from DRDO

A couple of weeks ago, there was an interface of the defence-industry which was organized in Chennai. The interface lasted for 2 days and the conclusion of it had the Defence Research and Development Organization making 18 transfers of technology to private enterprises. Many Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has been given technical information about how to manufacture different types of defence equipment. That way, they would have the knowledge of carrying out this manufacturing on their own.

The technologies which the DRDO transferred were previously used to manufacture different pieces of defence equipment that would go to the Indian military branches: Air Force, Army, and Navy. Two private companies received technology that was used to build a mountain footbridge that is 35 meters long. Another company received some technology that would allow it to manufacture propellant for a BrahMos missile, low and high thrust motors as stated in the Times of India.

Aside from the DRDO transferring all this technology, the DRDO also conducted an exchange of interest with Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory and Goa Shipyard Limited. The purpose of this exchange was to use technologies of DRDO to create an indigenous ship. The defence ministry is eager to have private enterprises throughout India to begin manufacturing equipment for them. The ministry is already working on a list of the specific pieces of equipment that they want to be manufactured.

Over one-thousand MSMEs participated in the Chennai event. The majority of them are companies which make aluminum-based items and machinery. These aren’t just companies from Chennai, but also from Maharashtra, Trichy, and Coimbatore as well. They are, of course, interested in this transfer of technology because it gives them the opportunity to conduct more business and make more money. At the same time, it gets the defence more supplies and equipment they need to effectively defend the country.


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