Chief Minister Vijay Rupani wants Raksha Shakti University to be Security Studies Leader

Raksha Shakti University, Gujarat had its third annual convocation recently at the Gandhinagar Town Hall. The chief guest speaker at the event was Vijay Rupani, who is the Chief Minister of Gujarat. During his speech, he said that he was committed to making RSU the leading university for security studies. Vijay noted that in Ancient India, it was common for overseas students to come to India and visit their most prestigious universities like Takshashila and Nalanda.

Now, Vijay wants students from around the world to come to the city of Gandhinagar and enrol in security courses at RSU. Since cybersecurity is important to learn when dealing with modern-age computer crimes, Vijay wants students to become knowledgeable about it. Another honourable guest speaker at the event was Kiran Bedi, who is the Puducherry Lieutenant Governor and former officer of IPS. Other notable people at the event included RSU’s Director General Vikas Sahay; Gujarat Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja; and Director General of Police Geetha Johri.

The convocation was a big event for the 338 graduating students who were there. They were awarded their diplomas and degrees for the courses they had completed successfully. In fact, 15 of the top students received gold medals because of how well they excelled in their academics. When Bedi spoke to the audience, she suggested that RSU should make online courses available and become an open university. That way, students from anywhere can access the university’s learning resources without having to physically be there in person.

RSU is already able to conduct field training, video conferences, and initiate exchange programs. When Jadeja spoke, he doubled down on how critical it was to have police training at the university. The ability for officers to investigate and detect crimes requires them to have advanced forensic skills that only a university can offer.